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Up to 2400 sq.ft.     $125

2400 - 3000 sq.ft.   $169

3000 - 3500 sq.ft.    $189

3500 - 4500 sq.ft.    $210

4500 - 5500 sq.ft.    $269

5500+ sq.ft. quoted  minimum $350

Twilight Shoot  $125

Packages include:

Up to 45 high resolution .jpg images - Varies according to square footage.

Unlimited On-Line  Password Protected Gallery 

Limited Reproduction Authorization


Toll roads as charged

Property locations outside our 25 Mile Radius from MIDDLE ROAD Elkton  add  $35per 25 miles

Additional  10  Images  $75 (when applicable)

Images for your clients of their property-please call for pricing.  

Prices subject to change without prior  notice.

Service Area




Convenient On-Line scheduling is available.  Click the PINK TEXT   and you will be directed to the scheduling calendar and your options according to home square footage.  You must make a selection for FRONT ELEVATION Exposure.  Typically all East, NE, SE exposures should be scheduled in one of the morning time slots for best photographing conditions.  West, NW, SW FRONT elevation exposure should be scheduled in the afternoon.

Note:  You may have to scroll through the booking icons to find your specific booking.


Schedule My Property NOW!

Use of Images Terms and Conditions 1. This agreement between Patty Hill Photography (“Photographer”) and the above mentioned client (“Client”) is for photographic services of the above mentioned property address (“Property”). 2. The Photographer grants the Client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the images created for the purpose of marketing the Property. Client understands that Photographer owns the images and retains all rights, and may use them for Photographer's own promotional purposes or re-sale. Client also warrants that they have the authority to enter into this contract for the Property, and shall indemnify and defend the Photographer in the event of any litigation arising due to this contract. 3. If, in the opinion of the Photographer, the shoot cannot be completed due to inclement weather or other adverse conditions, than Photographer reserves the right to re-schedule the shoot at the earliest convenience. The Client has the option to accept the rescheduled date or to receive a credit towards future services. 4. If the Photographer cannot perform this agreement for any reason, than Photographer will promptly return any prepaid payment to Client. Photographer will have no further liability in excess of monies paid. 5. Images will not be released until payment is made in full. Use of any images prior to full payment will constitute a breech of this agreement and copyright infringement. 6. Up to 30 images in .jpg format will be delivered. Additional images are available for a fee if shot during the same appointment. Otherwise, if additional images are requested a re-shoot charge will apply. 7. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all other documents or communication, whether verbal or in writing. This agreement may not be altered except in writing and agreed to by both parties.  8. The Photographer grants Client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the purpose of listing the Property under the Client's current contract with the property owner. This extends to the Client's use of images on the MLS listing as well as other promotional materials intended to sell the property. All images appearing in publications other than the MLS or informational flyers must have prior written authorization and must contain proper credit acknowledgement “Patty Hill Photography” printed with the images. In the event the property does not sell, these images may not be transferred to any other party, including but not limited to subsequent listing agents or the property owner.

BOOKING POLICY TERMS: The scheduled time is an approximate time of arrival. Photographer will call if being delayed or arriving early. Please advise your clients that times may slightly vary. The photographer will call and/or text if there may be a unforeseen delay in arrival. The photographer may unexpectedly be early for the appointment as well. If this occurs, the photographer may call to ask if you would like to move up the appointment and/or ask to photograph the outside elements of the home while waiting. When booking appointment please include ALL square footage. This includes but not limited to sunrooms, additions, garage apartments, finished basements, finished attics etc. If it’s to be photographed it should be reflected in the total square footage you are booking. Images will not be released until paid in full. The service area is 25 miles from MIDDLE ROAD IN ELKTON. Please be mindful when booking your property. If its outside the service area it is an additional $35 per/1-25 miles. The property will be photographed in "as is" condition. We do not move or change item (s) in the house for any reason unless the staging option has been chosen. It is the seller’s/agent’s responsibility to have the house 100% ready for photographing. All work to include but not limited to cleaning, staging, landscaping, moving, repairs etc. must be completed by the time photographer arrives otherwise the photographer reserves the right to cancel the shoot and the session fee will be forfeited. Undesired items will not be edited out in post processing due to the house not being properly prepared. All pets MUST BE REMOVED from the areas being photographed. Any litter boxes, dog beds, aquariums etc. left in the rooms will be photographed AS IS.

Cancellation Policy  There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If less than 48 hour notice is received your payment will be forfeited, no exceptions. Notices of 48 hours or more will receive a credit of all monies paid and applied to the next new and or rescheduled appointment booked within 6 months of the cancellation date at current prices plus a $25 service charge. Your service charge must be paid in full when booking your next appointment. Appointments are not confirmed until they are scheduled and payment has been remitted in full. When the photographer arrives at the property to be photographed and the property is unavailable or in a condition that is not acceptable to photographer to be photograph, your payment will forfeited. All subcontracted work to include but not limited to window washers, interior cleaning, staging, landscapers must have their work completed by the time photographer arrives otherwise the photographer reserves the right to cancel the shoot and the session fee will be forfeited.

NO SHOWS and LATES: It is responsible for the booking agent/client to verify the correct address of the appointment and that that property be accessible at the time of the scheduled appointment. As a courtesy, the photographer will wait no more than 15 minutes after the scheduled time before leaving should she be unable to access the property. If requested and agreed to stay for late starting appointments a $50 fee will be incur by client. Note: Any delayed appointment will reduce the time allowed for photographing.

The Photographer reserves the right to reschedule due to inclement weather at no charge.

All photographs are subject to Patty Hill Photography copyright terms. Lifestyle images are the property of © Patty Hill Photography. Lifestyle images may ONLY be used with properties Patty Hill Photography has photographed. If these images appear in any other listing (s) this will be considered copyright infringement. If your Sellers would like a copy of their images, they must CONTACT PATTY HILL. They may not download and or make copies of unwatermarked and/or watermarked images associated with their listing.

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