Digital photo restoration can work miracles by turning a faded old family portrait into an image of seemingly modern quality. Some of the most common forms of restoration we perform are:

FADING: The single most common form of degradation is fading. This causes the blacks to become less dark, and the whites to become less light.

LOCALIZED DAMAGE: Old photos have likely incurred plenty of imperfections in the form of dust marks, rips or tears, stains, scratches and crinkles. These can distract from the image — particularly if located on or near someone's face. Proper removal of physical imperfections such as stains or scratches can be quite involved and require a great deal of patience and time.

COLOR CAST: Another common form of degrading is when photographs develop an unrealistic color cast over time. This appears as the familiar "yellowing" of photos.

WATER DAMAGE: This is one of the most challenging and the most complicated of photo restorations. This process requires many interpretive decisions that is a critical aspect of the restoration process. A thorough knowledge of photography, contrast, exposure, toning, highlights, color corrections, dynamic range is required to competently restore photos.

Photo restorations requires many interpretive decisions in order to preserve the unique quality and appearance of your photograph. Patty Hill Photography  specializes in the latest software programs and techniques to restore your photos to the correct time period of their origination with time period correct paper when available.    To undertake such photo degrading factors one must be  professionally trained to restore your photographs.

Most insurance carriers recognize photo restorations and do have allowances for these expenses. Please refer to your insuring company’s policies on these matters. We work with most insurance companies when tragedy strikes and your years of family photos have become victim to an unseen event.

One final note, alternatively, this process can work in reverse to give  photographs a timeless feel.   We can artistically enhance your modern photographs with a more vintage feel.

All restorations and artistic enhancements are quoted on an individual basis. 

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